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Special Audio Seminar Series



An AHJÕs Guide to Fire Sprinkler Systems

To aid in the contractor/AHJ relationship and the long-term reliability of future fire sprinkler installations, the Center for Life Safety Education (CLSE) is developing a series of affordable, easy-to-access online seminars designed to assist inspectors and plan reviewers in gaining a more thorough understanding of fire sprinkler systems installations Š how they are designed, how they follow NFPA standards, and what to look for to ensure that they meet the goal of good fire protection. These programs have been developed in series, with each three-part level building upon the understanding gained in earlier programs. This is a continually expanding guide, so after completion of the programs listed below, please return to this Web page periodically to check for additional program offerings.

NOTE: This series often references particular sections, paragraphs or figures in the 2007 edition of NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems. To enhance the learning experience and more easily follow the presenterÕs specific references, students are encouraged to have a copy at hand before beginning these programs. If you do not have a copy of the referenced standard, a downloadable pdf can be purchased from the National Fire Protection Association at: NFPA Online Catalog Store

In addition, if your jurisdiction has adopted the International Building Code, it will be helpful to have a copy of that code at hand for quick reference as well. For more information on the International Code Council.






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Fire Sprinklers 101 - Introduction, Building Codes, Water Supplies

Fire Sprinklers 102 - Occupancy Classifications, Types of Systems

Fire Sprinklers 103 - Design Options


Fire Sprinklers 201 - Reading the Plans

Fire Sprinklers 202 - Introduction to Hydraulics

Fire Sprinklers 203 - Introduction to System Acceptance


Fire Sprinklers 301 - Intro to Storage Occupancy Protection

Fire Sprinklers 302 - General Requirements, commodities Classifications, and Protection of Idle Pallets

Fire Sprinklers 303 - Sprinkler Protection for Storage Occupancies
Misc. Storage and Solid Piled, Bin Box & Shelf Storage (non-rack)

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