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CLSE Testing Center - Certificate Testing


What is this?

This program has been established to enable experienced fire sprinkler fitters/installers a means to demonstrate their knowledge in the field of fire sprinkler installation.


Who can apply?

A qualified candidate for this certificate must be able to verify that he/she has

  • (a) completed an approved apprentice program in the fire sprinkler trade or
  • (b) has worked a minimum of four (4) years as a fire sprinkler fitter.


How does it work?

Once that information is verified, the examinee will complete an online examinaton including questions that cover fire sprinkler industry installation standards and practices. The test must be taken online and proctored by someone unrelated to the examinee, and the examinee will have a time period of three consecutive hours in which to complete the test. The test will included 100 multiple-choice questions that cover technical installation and code issues. The examinee may bring a calculator and any typical industry resource books, such as NFPA 2007 Edition standards, etc., to the test facility; however, sprinkler fitter training books, personal computers, cell phones, and personal digital assistant (PDAs), etc. will not be allowed. A minimum score of 70% is required to receive a certificate.


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The program is non-refundable. You must be able to complete the application and furnish the required documents before you will receive the test code.
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Test results may demonstrate basic knowledge of fire sprinkler system installation, but do not assure competence as a fire sprinkler fitter. Assessment of abilities rests with the employer. Neither the Center for Life Safety Education (CLSE) nor the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) warrant the abilities of anyone taking the test.